• Buy-side Acquisitions

  • Sell-side Acquisitions

  • LBOs, MBOs, MBIs

  • Mergers




  • Valuation Models

  • Data Analysis Systems

  • Forecasting Models

  • Business Simulation Models




  • Business Plans

  • Concept Dossiers

  • Investment Memoranda

  • Video Business Proposals

Every business is unique. Every transaction is unique. So, whether it is for a sell-side acquisition, a buy-side acquisition, an LBO or a merger, at Venture Advisors we develop the analytical infrastructure required to support any deal on a bespoke basis.


This means that all the necessary tools and materials – financial models, investor memoranda, road show presentations, deal structures, term sheets, video business proposals – all are crafted on a one-off, customised basis in accordance with each client’s unique characteristics and specific strategic objectives.


Not every deal idea is a good one. In fact, all too often, what was assumed to be the best-case outcome of a potential transaction may fall surprisingly short once the economic, financial and strategic implications have been thoroughly modelled and analysed.


Thanks to years of experience in the critical analysis of business opportunities, our senior managers provide accurate valuation and strategic guidance, showing clients how to recognise a suboptimal deal, and how to structure a better one.

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